As we head into the holiday season of one of the most difficult years of our lives, charity comes to mind. What's your favorite, local charity?

Look, Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas is a month after that. This is the time of year that people seek help from charitable organizations. Whether it's Toy drives, coat drives, turkey drives or even organizations that help Treasure Valley residents cover bills during the holidays, we certainly have a lot of options. But what are your favorites? Is there one that is near and dear to your heart because it's related to a specific illness or a domestic abuse situation that you or someone you know have contended with at some point? Is there an organization that people can turn to simply because times are tough and it would be nice to have some help getting toys for Christmas?

If someone gave you a hundred thousand dollars in cash and said you can keep ninety thousand, but you have to give ten thousand to a local charity, who would it be? One of the very first things I learned when I moved to Boise is that this is a very philanthropic community. We like to take care of our own, and luckily, we have so many ways we can go about doing that. With organizations like the Women's and Children's Alliance, the Children's Home Society, Boise Rescue Mission and even larger charities like the Salvation army, there are plenty to choose from for certain. Which one has captured your heart?

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