Sorry, it's just impossible. MILK DUDS?! I know zero people who actually like milk duds. My vote goes to Reece's Pieces. They literally look like Halloween? What's your go-to?

Look, Halloween is coming and if we're going to get cavities, we may as well go to the dentist after enjoying something good. According to Zippia and their map of every state's favorite Halloween candy, Milk Duds are the big winner for Idaho. But honestly, I live in Idaho and I have never gone out of my way to eat Milk Duds. And why would I? When there are candies like Kit Kats, Whoppers, Crunch Bars.

My favorite candy is the Reece's Pieces. When I hit up Regal Cinemas on Overland Road I get Reece's Pieces and an Icee. I love a Snickers, especially when I'm hungry or grumpy (their marketing works well). Twix are great. I guess for me I like chocolate candy bars and such much more than the sugary stuff.

Though that stuff clearly has an audience. We went to Jackson's on Ten Mile & Pine before we took off for our road trip and my fiance stocked up with Laffy Taffy's and Starbursts and I have no real taste for that stuff. Jolly Ranchers? For the birds in my opinion but everyone's got their thing.

What about candy corn? Why is this a hot button topic? People seem to love them or think their garbage and I don't feel like being particularly controversial today so I won't tell you how I feel about that.

What's your go-to candy?

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