I've never even seen a Mr. Goodbar outside of a Halloween variety pack and you're going to tell me it's IDAHO'S FAVORITE? At least my favorite (Kinder Bueno) can actually be found on a shelf!

It's National Candy Month and Zippia released each state's favorite candy. Some states' favorite is Snickers, some is Kit Kat, Twix, you know, the usual. And look, I'm not a hater of Mr. Goodbar, but IDAHO'S favorite? Where can you even find this on a shelf? The real winner, in my opinion, is Kinder's "bueno" candy bar. Does it get any better than chocolate, with crispy stuff and caramel? I don't believe it does, but I digress. Snickers is the big daddy of them all and I'd even accept that answer because I've seen it sell out, pretty much weekly from our vending machine at work. The impressive thing there is, that our vending machine is refrigerated therefore the Snickers bars are cold and hard to chew through, yet sell out anyway!

Mr. Goodbar is clearly a well-liked introvert that doesn't like to get out and about and be seen, but those who know him, love him. He doesn't have a lot of friends, but the friends he has love him dearly. Sort of a quality over quantity kind of thing. I know a lot of Idahoans love Mr. Goodbar so I'm not trying to diss it, but it's a bit surprising that this quiet creature of a candy bar is the state's favorite, and I'm apparently emotional about it.

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