The bumper sticker/window decal game is strong in Idaho. You've seen (and maybe have) these seemingly standard decals:
- silhouette of the state of Idaho
- silhouette of the state of Idaho modified to look like a gun
- a gun (hunting or military)

There are a ton of creative specific ones too. Almost like people are using them as introductions. I've driven behind some dedicated cat people and very proud wine moms. But there are two bumper stickers that have had me thinking for a few weeks now.


I think every state has their own version of the latter, but it feels kind of rude. And then the one saying to act like you're in Idaho; I know tone is hard to detect in text, but it also seems kind of rude. Like, accusatory and scolding?

With the housing market the way it is right now, I can see why people aren't thrilled with new residents moving here. But the fact is they are. And if those people are expected to "act like it," I'm curious as to what that even means?

I'm not a native, but I am enjoying living here and trying to be a productive member of the community. I'm hopeful that I'm fitting in, but what are the things I and other non-natives should know/be doing as members of the gem state? The only advice I was given from several people when I moved here was to "not be from California." A) I wouldn't have been able to control that. B) Huh?

But they were terribly nice when giving me this suggestion. In fact, kindness seems to be a hallmark of the people of Idaho during all my interactions. I'm relying on that kindness for answers. Pretend I am from California and I'm not moving back. What should I know I about living here and how to become a true Idahoan?

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