This shouldn't be pressing information that will change the direction of your day. However, I like to what everyone else likes the most. I'm not a follower but it's like reading a review. You just want to know what works best.

I purchase too much sparkling water and sooner or later that adds up. There are serious strategies to being the number one most popular sparkling water. I pay close attention to the sales especially when it's like 8 cans versus the 12 cans. Or, buy 3 of these cases and get $5 dollars off.

So, who has the best? It's actually not close to what I thought. The biggest ones that come to mind are the following.

  • Bubly
  • La Croix
  • Perrier
  • Kirkland
  • Waterloo
  • Polar
  • Spindrift

I fluctuate from La Croix to Kirkland and that just depends on ordering. The Kirkland brand from Costco is the best for me and you get them in cases. Just cheaper and personal preference I guess. The national poll looking at what Idahoans look for is off the charts for me. As a matter of fact, none of my brands even really make the cut.

Courtesy: Health-Ade
Courtesy: Health-Ade


There was a study done from which listed the most popular by region and state. The west is in love with The Mountain Valley water. I read this and saw it for the first time while shopping at the Albertsons on Broadway. I didn't even know Mountain Valley had a sparkling option. While Washington and Portland prefer Spindrift, Idaho loves their Mountain Valley, or at least that's what everyone is searching for.

I've only seen it at Albertsons and it's great. Then again, it's just sparkling water,

and doesn't it really come close to tasting the same?

Courtesy: Health-Ade
Courtesy: Health-Ade


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