A teacher in Denver asked her students to complete one sentence, "I Wish My Teacher Knew..." in hopes of getting to know her students better. She got more than she could have ever imagined!


Kyle Shwartz is a teacher in Denver and wanted to better to understand the reality of her students lives. She said it was a trust-building exercise for her class.
The students were told to write a sentence starting with, "I wish my teacher knew," and they were given the option of turning the note cards in anonymously.

The assignment went viral when Shwartz started sharing some of the answers on Twitter with the hashtag "#IwishMyTeacherKnew."

"I wish my teacher knew how much I miss my dad because he got departed to Mexico when I was 3-years-old and I haven't seen him in six years,"

"I wish my teacher knew sometimes my reading log is not signed because my mom is not around a lot," another student wrote.

"I wish my teacher knew I don't have pencils at home to do my homework," a student shared.

"I wish my teacher knew she gives too much extra homework with math!" one perturbed pupil wrote.

Treasure Valley teachers, you should do this! And share #IWishMyTeacherKnew