It wasn’t quite Snowmageddon part two this week, but we did get quite a bit of snow yesterday (Jan. 21). A lot of people have the luxury of being able to work inside on snow days like yesterday including the principal for Lincoln Elementary in Caldwell, Richard Jamison. Jamison, however, isn’t your ordinary school principal. In a photo taken by a fellow Caldwell School District employee, Lucy, we can see Jamison bundled up complete with his slacks outside shoveling the snow with one of the school’s custodians.

Photo by Lucy Burbank
Photo by Lucy Burbank

A lot of people may look at this photo and not think much of it but knowing the story behind it makes it that much more inspiring, especially during a weird time in the world. I got to talk to Lucy about the photo and asked her to describe Jamison in a nutshell.

“He truly is an amazing leader,” Lucy shared with us, “He would do just about anything for his staff and students!”

It’s easy to see that with this photo. Surely, there were some important things that could’ve demanded Jamison’s attention but nope! This man stepped up, bundled up, and went into the trenches with his custodian… why? We’re sure it’s for the kids and the safety of everyone who needs a path to walk, but it’s also because this man is a true leader.

Imagine how much better workplaces around the world if they all had a leader like Richard Jamison. Think about every workplace you were ever employed at and left because of poor leadership. Now, think how awesome it would be if they were like Richard and rolled their sleeves up to help you get it done.

It’s captured moments like this one from Lucy that remind us we’re all human, we’re all on the same side, and we’re all in this together.

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