This story caused a lot of controversy this past March when Preston Junior High School teacher Robert Crosland fed a sick puppy to a snapping turtle in front of some students. Now, he has been found not guilty. 

According to the jury who found the biology teach not guilty was made up of five men and five women.

Crosland told the jury the puppy was sick and said, "I honestly thought I was doing the right thing by putting it out of its misery."

On the flip side, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture argued that snapping turtles are invasive species and require a permit in Idaho that Crosland did not have.

The turtle involved has been euthanized. As for Mr. Crosland, it's official, the charges of animal cruelty have been dropped after the jury agreed with his not guilty plea during a two-day trial at the Franklin County Courthouse in Preston.

Had he been found guilty, Crosland was facing 6 months in jail and a $5000 fine.

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