Rebecca Bonner is an art teacher in Texas who is inspiring the internet with her doodle skirt.  This is an idea that we could use in Treasure Valley schools and at home too, for some clothes that will have the whole office talking.

I never had a teacher in elementary school that would let us doodle on her clothes, did you?  Most of the time we were in trouble for being too messy, but sometimes letting kids have a free-for-all with markers and paints is a pretty cool idea.

Kids at Mcauliffe Elementary School in Highland Village, Texas have a pretty fun art teacher who decided to bring a clean white dress into the classroom and invite each of her 500 students to draw something unique on it.  Their pictures are all over the dress, and if they're a little imperfect, so what!  Rebecca Bonner has the philosophy of "turn your mess up into a dress up" and now she can truly walk the talk.  She's wearing it.

After Rebecca Bonner wore the dress to her students' art show recently, her daughter, Charlece Lake, posted photos to Twitter, showing her mom in the dress, and the likes started coming.  Rebecca said she was inspired to let students make the doodle dress when she saw tips in a private Facebook group, and we have a feeling she'll inspire teachers in the Treasure Valley to give it a try too.

This would be a fun project for the kids at home with Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up.  All we have to do is buy some plain white clothes and some paints or fabric markers and let the "mess ups" begin.  Go kids, go.

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