I understand that when you're a parent you commit to raising kids for a good 18 years, but it's also expected that those kids will go off to school around age 6 and the cost of daycare or the opportunity for Mama to work outside of the home will arise. In these crazy times kids are out of school when parents had planned on them being in the classroom and the future is rapidly changing. I'm curious parents, how is this affecting your ability to work?

I'm fortunate that I work odd hours and my work day wraps up around noon. I have often wondered about the more typical 9-5 workers. What do you do when your child has a random day off of school? What are you doing during this pandemic? Many people working from home has probably helped the situation, but who knows when the kids will get back in the classroom?

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the White House Coronavirus Task Force says he doesn't see a vaccine being in place by the beginning of the next school year and therefore, he doesn't foresee kids returning to school in the fall.

Some schools, such as the Middleton School District, are switching to a 4-day school week. How are you going to balance 5-day a week work with 4-day a week school?

Balancing work and kids is tough and with no family around I often find myself frustrated when the kids are unexpectedly out of school. What are your thoughts on all of this. How are you handling it?

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