Fact: Idahoans love pickup trucks. 

Not all, of course, but many a male and female Idahoan has a soft spot in their hearts for a beautiful pick-up truck. For some, they embody a sense of rugged, undefeatable independence. For others, it's all about practically and versatility.

Nothing compares to the power & versatility of a pickup truck. 

Asking any tradesman or woman, whether they're hauling heavy equipment for work or a DIY project, or exploring Idaho's beautiful backyard, pickups are auto industry's pinnacle of utility.

A roomy interior coupled with a powerful engine makes for comfortable experience that puts a driver ease, instilling a sense of confidence behind the wheel. Culturally speaking, pickups highlight a connection between Idaho's rural heritage and our state's more traditional values that prioritize hard work and a can-do attitude.

IYKYK...it's not just a truck, y'all. 

For many Idahoans, their truck is more than a means of transportation. it's a way of life. From its elevated view of the road ahead to the its commanding presence on Idaho freeways, it doesn't matter if it's a trip to the grocery store or a backcountry road trip, our trucks have the power to make any journey special.

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  • The five most popular trucks on Idaho roads

  • 12 of the most stolen car & truck parts in Idaho

  • 10 cars catalytic converters thieves look for

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  • A recap of Idaho's maximum speed limits

  • 9 most damaging violations to have on your ID driving record

  • A nifty speeding loophole more Idahoans should use

Here are the Top 5 Most Popular Trucks in Idaho (Are You Driving One of These?)

Gallery Credit: Parker Kane

12 Car Parts & Accessories Idaho Thieves Steal The Most

They may have resigned themselves to a life of career crime, but Idaho car thieves are getting savvier by the year. You may be surprised by what they're able to resell on the black market.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Top 10 Most Popular Cars Among Catalytic Converter Thieves in Idaho

CarFax recently put together a list of the cars most targeted by catalytic converter thieves in several regions across the United States. They lumped Idaho in with the "Plains" region. These are the vehicles that were targeted in that region.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Do You Know Idaho's Maximum Speed Limits?

Even when there's no speed limit sign posted, there are still maximum speed limits in Idaho and violating them could result in penalties. Not familiar with them? We've got you covered.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

9 Moving Violations That Do the Most Damage to Your Idaho Driving Record

According to the Idaho Transportation Department, these are the 9 moving violations that can lead to 4 points being added onto your license.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

The Nifty Speeding Loophole More Idaho Drivers Should Use

Did you know Idaho residents can do 15 mph over the speed limit to pass a slow car on the highway? It's true! But this handy loophole doesn't give us a free pass to speed whenever we want.

Scroll on for the do's and don'ts of Idaho's passing loophole...

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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  • A look at Boise's 7 most blown-off/forgotten road rules

  • How to legally (& safely) pass on the right on Idaho freeways

  • What Idahoans need to know about the driving shoeless 

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  • Is Idaho one of the worst states to buy a used car in?

  • The 10 worst & most dangerous states for teen drivers

  • These are easily the three most underrated trucks in Idaho

Boise's 7 Most Blown-Off & Forgotten Traffic Laws

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

How to Legally (& Safely) Pass on the Right in Idaho

Read on for a clear understanding of when it's legal to pass on the right in Idaho.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

🚨 Can You Get Arrested for Driving Shoeless in Idaho?

🚘BOISE, Idaho. Logic and about 20 years of experience behind the wheel tells us driving sans footwear is a pretty risky, even reckless idea. But does that mean it's illegal?

Scroll on for a quick peek at Idaho's stance on the issue!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Idaho Is One Of The Worst States To Buy Used Cars

Unfortunately for us, buying a used car in Idaho is a bit more expensive than everyone else. But, at least it's not as bad as Wyoming!

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Look: 10 Worst States For Teen Drivers

In order to determine the best and worst states for teen drivers, WalletHub analyzed the teen-driving environment in the 50 states across three key dimensions: 1) Safety, 2) Economic Environment, and 3) Driving Laws.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

Top 3 Most Underrated Trucks in Idaho

Gallery Credit: Parker Kane

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