Crazy coworkers...the struggle is real.

If it hasn't happened to you yet, stay tuned. At some point, all of us encounter an off-their-rocker colleague. How we handle the situation can bring about positive, lasting change or poke the bear.  

Unhinged coworkers are like a box of chocolates...ya' never know what you'll get.

Working alongside a mentally fragile or unwell coworker is accompanied by a litany of horrors and complications. For one, they're a constant surprise. From one week to the next, they go from being sunny, supportive, and professional, to cold and passive-aggressive. 



If you so much as say "hello" to them in the wrong tone, the perceived slight can make you the object of their wrath or emotional meltdown. It's enough to make you want to work from another country...for another company.

Workplace toxicity is real.

It's a never-ending series of complaints, perceived slights, and awkward encounters. They're the victim, not you. It's forever your fault, not theirs. 

Workplace toxicity can wreak havoc on every aspect of your life. It can wear on your mood, your health, your productivity; even your relationships with other teammates. You'd love to quit, but you stay because you have to. 


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Do you have a snake in a suit on your team?

If your coworker or boss is a revolving door of mood swings and meltdowns, criminal psychologist Robert Hare contends it's rare but possible they suffer from clinical psychopathy.

...the prevalence of psychopaths is higher in the business world than in the general population. Figures of around 3–4% have been cited for more senior positions in business. If you're in one of the fields below, you could be working alongside a psychopath.

Ask anyone who's been there, and they'll tell you the most dangerous workplace psychopaths are the snakes in suits. Hidden in plain sight, they disarm everyone with their witty remarks and charm. They're master manipulators.

If any of this sounds familiar, don't be surprised if you work in one of the fields below.

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