How Kids Being Out Of School Is Affecting Working Parents
I understand that when you're a parent you commit to raising kids for a good 18 years, but it's also expected that those kids will go off to school around age 6 and the cost of daycare or the opportunity for Mama to work outside of the home will arise. In these crazy times kids are out of …
More Locations Are Adding Adulting Classes
UC-Berkley just added adulting classes to the curriculum, and more colleges are adding programs like that all the time. If you need a refresher, we've got adulting classes right here in Boise too. But what do they teach?
The 4 Germiest Places in Schools
School is back on, and students aren't the only ones crowding into classrooms. Germs are piling up too, and we've got the four most common places in schools that they like to hide.

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