School is a lot different for kids today than it used to be for a lot of us. While that might sound a lot like a “back in my day” statement, it certainly rings true when you factor in how much technology has changed as well as the way people interact with each other in general. A lot of parents would agree that there are things being taught in school that shouldn’t while others feel there are things that our kids are missing out on and aren’t being taught.

For some people – it could be a simple life skill like learning to do taxes while for others, it could be something like how to prepare a meal. No matter the age we’re discussing, I think it’s safe to say that we all agree there are things our kids should be learning but aren’t.

Before we get to the things that we wish kids were taught in school, I wanted to share what I think kids should be taught and that’s simply: how to take a joke.

I’m not saying that kids can’t be offended by things because kids are still figuring out their feelings as they grow. I’m also not saying that bullying should be allowed or “victim blame” the kids who are being picked on. What I’m saying is that too often these days, we see someone make a statement or cry foul on something that offended them that otherwise wouldn’t have been an issue had we learned to lighten up a little bit in school.

Is this feasible? Is this realistic? Absolutely not, but it’s certainly a fun thing to think about – what things should kids be taught in school that they aren’t being taught today?

Here are some of your responses from when we asked you on Facebook.

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