It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Last week kicked off the most wonderful time of year for parents: back-to-school season! The start of the 2023-2024 school-year is officially underway for Idaho students, renewing our unending gratitude for the eight-hour, five-day school week.

We did it! School supplies were prepped and labeled, backpacks were readied. Clothes, uniforms, and sneakers were purchased! Eye and dental exams were had, and your kids are probably sporting a fresh haircut as you read this. Way to go, Idaho parent!

Happy Dance in the Drop-Off Lane

We understand not all parents do a happy dance in the school drop-off lane. They're probably the same folks who post about how much they miss their kids on social during the first few weeks of the school year. While that's a perfectly fine way for them to be, don't let them make you feel guilty for celebrating back-to-school season!

11 Guilt-Free Reasons Parents Can Celebrate Back-to-School Season

If you're the sort of parent that spends the summer pining away for the start of the school year, you've found good company here!

Listen, when it comes to our kids, our cup runneth over. But that doesn't mean they don't drive us nuts eight weeks a year. Of the hundreds out there, we've narrowed down a list of 11 reasons parents have the hard-earned right to celebrate back-to-school season!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Hang on a sec! Since we've embraced a guilt-free spirit over our kids' return to the salt mines, it's time to take it a step further.

With our elementary, middle, and high school-aged kids back to school, now might be a terrific time to treat ourselves for, you know, keeping them alive all summer. After enduring the chaos of summer sport practices, carpools, camps, and family visits/vacations we'll be recovering from until Labor Day, we deserve something that's just for us.

Check out our list of 13 inspired, Idaho-esque ways parents can celebrate the beginning of the 2023-2024 back-to-school season!

13 Ways Idaho Parents Can Celebrate Back-to-School Season

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Let the good times roll, Mom & Dad! We found 6 Treasure Valley Parks you can drink at while your kids play!

Boise Parks You Can Drink In While Your Kids Play

Looking to throw yours or your kid’s next birthday bash, celebration, or bangin' barbeque on the Boise Greenbelt?

Look no further because we have good news for you, friend. Gin n’ juice, beer, and wine are welcome at these six parks with an easy-to-secure permit and reservation.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

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