We're in the full swing of the school year and kids throughout the Gem State are pumping their brains full of knowledge, giving them a top-tier education... right? Well, that's what most of us want to believe when it comes to our children and their education but according to a report from Scholaroo.com, that's not exactly the case.

Before we get to the least educated states and where Idaho falls based on stats, let's dive into the criteria that went into this study as well as who the top states actually are. Scholaroo rated states and their education based on two major metrics that are made up of several other factors including the share of college graduates, literacy rate, and SAT scores to name a few. They even looked at the quality of schools and factored that into the rating system.

Which state is the most educated state in the county according to Scholaroo? That would be Massachusetts with a total score of 84.42. To put that score in perspective, this report names Oklahoma as the least educated state in the country with a score of just 36.

Unfortunately, Idaho isn't that far behind Oklahoma. According to this same report, Idaho SAT scores rank 47th in the country with Idaho also ranking 47th in the share of master program graduates. In a separate study, Idaho's public school system didn't fare much better with a ranking of 39th in the entire country.

Let's take a look at how Idaho matches up in education compared to neighboring states.

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