Everyone answers that question differently.  Someone in they northeast may say 85 is too warm and they'll stay inside in the AC, and a southerner might argue that 85 is a chilly summer day.  It's all relative.  So how hot is too hot for you?

Weather.com says people in Arizona and Nevada have the highest heat tolerance, and they'll finally cry uncle when it hits 100 degrees.  Anything lower than that is not too hot for them, and they'll go about their lives outside without much trouble.

States like Idaho, Wisconsin, Michigan, Washington, Vermont, and Rhode Island say it's too hot when it hits 85. In other words, today is too hot!  It's supposed to be above 90 this afternoon.  But that's good pool weather and as long as we're by the water life is good.

The survey says 95 is the daytime threshold for Texas, Utah and Arkansas when they want to be in the water or eating slushies, and there are several other states that feel like 90 is the highest they can comfortably stand, and they'll head indoors.

It looks like it will be above 85 in the Treasure Valley every day through at least Tuesday, and maybe through September, who knows.  So how hot is too hot for you?

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