I was driving home from work listening to music when I had to skip thru Prince. Not that I had wanted to but only because I had already rocked out to my purple high healed freak this morning on the way to work. I landed on Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield. SKIP!! Normally I would crank it and rock out performing a mini concert in the front seat of my jeep. I know every word and can kill it, out of tune, like you have never heard!! But instead...immediately coming to mind was the creepy guy in Couple's Retreat rocking out to my "used to be my favorite song" as he played Guitar Hero. Remember that scene? Vince Vaughn and the boys found the staff hut? Well ever since that scene, every time I hear Jessie's Girl, I picture that creepy guy and I skip right over my "used to be" favorite song. It's done. Over. Finito. My love affair with Jessie's Girl has ended and left a bitter taste in my mouth. Damn you Guitar Hero!! Damn You Couples Retreat!!

It wasn't even about Rick Springfield. My dirty affair with Jessie's Girl started in college. I was really good friends with a guy named Jessie. We hung out so much that people called me "Jessie's Girl." It was his ringtone on my phone after college (didn't get my first cell phone til I was 22. ) I grew to love that song! And now thanks to one creepy guy,in one okay movie, the song is forever tainted in my mind!
So the question to you is....what moment ruined your favorite song forever?!