Scratcher tickets are pretty fun, but I never FEEL like I'm going to win big, but some people really do! And this is what it's like...

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I've done it so many times... Bought a scratcher ticket from the gas station, went home, won another scratcher. You go back get a new one, go out to the car, scratch it off, and you won $5. You think... "I don't want five bucks, I'll go back and buy another scratcher" and the cycle goes until you throw in the towel. But what about when you actually win big money on an Idaho Lottery scratcher? Well, this guy did, and it seems pretty cool!

Let's introduce you to Roberto Garner, who purchased a $3 "Pineapple Payout" scratcher ticket from the Idaho lottery... Maybe he got it from a gas station or a grocery store, I'm not quite sure but he got his ticket in Boise, which we know. This one was a cross word or "cash word" as they call it. He found all ten words on his ticket, winning him $30,000! $30,000 sounds great of course, but then there are the taxes they take out of it. Once you take that out, it's a cool $20,722.50 which I would be perfectly happy taking to the bank to deposit after only spending $3 on a scratch-off ticket from the Idaho lottery. Don't you agree? Anyway, check out the pictures from his Instagram page if you scroll through below. You didn't win it, but you can imagine how it would feel if you did!

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