Marriage & Finances: When Do You Combine?
When you're getting married, when do you combine finances? When you're engaged? Once you return from the honeymoon? Never? I had a therapist tell me that money was the single biggest factor in marital issues, so what's the best move?
Proposed Bill Could Give You A $2000 Per Month Stimulus Check
It's undoubtedly a rough world right now. I've watched countless friends and family members lose their jobs because of COVID-19. Millions are awaiting their one-time stimulus check (I fortunately got mine this week) but this new bill could help us get through this tough time more long term…
5 Nutty Ways to Spend $1000
We know bills might be staring you in the face right now and if that's where the $1000 goes, we totally get it. But what if you could blow it, and spend the entire amount on fuzzy slippers and hazelnut spread?
How to Save $5000 in 2020
To have $5000 in your bank account by the end of the year, it's a matter of putting aside a little bit every week and being disciplined about the process. This is the way to do it.

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