My chubby puppy, Gunner, is 12 years old today! I fully admit that I love him more than the average pet owner, but doing this for his birthday would be ridiculous! I am not that dog owner.

I am coo-coo for Coco Puffs about Gunner. He is so handsome. I talk to him like he is a person and I fully believe he understands. I also think there are days that he is more quiet then other days even though he rarely barks. Some days he is just doesn't have a lot to say. When it comes to his birthday you would think I would be the crazy dog owner that throws a dog birthday party. That is just ridiculous! I always do something for Gunny on his birthday. He gets treats everyday just for being my most favorite thing in the whole world, but on his birthday he gets a special treat. It's bigger, it's got more peanut butter on it...something to let him know that today is his special day. We go for a longer walk by the river, he may get a new tennis ball for his chuck-it, simple dog birthday presents. No dog birthday party invites, no dog rsvp's, no dog cake! Just my chubby puppy.

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Happy Birthday Gunny! XOXO