This is a limb for me, showing a blast from the past pic, but I also want to celebrate a goal achieved.  Have you ever accomplished something you never thought you could?  Weight loss is hard work.

That was me a long time ago in a band in Austin, Texas... As you can tell by the rock star clothes.  Haha!  What was I thinking.  I was good at packing on sodium, gluten, dairy, sugar, and unflattering clothes back then.

I struggled with weight my whole life, as an elementary kid and through junior high, then I lost weight in high school, then gained it back in college, and it was up and down until I decided about ten years ago to really get control of it.  After getting into running, core-building, and clean eating I finally had the guts to take a bikini pic.

Have you ever reached a new size, but refused to let go of the old sizes just in case you have a relapse?  Me too.  But I finally got rid of those old clothes and had others altered, and the clothes I'm buying now are 5 or 6 sizes smaller than my peak weight.  Once we invest money in a new size and take pics, the new size is here to stay, right?  Hope so!

It's amazing what eating clean can do.  Low everything has worked for me - low sodium, gluten, sugar, carbs, dairy, and lots of protein and fresh fruits and veggies.  Thank you food makers, for coming up with such tasty healthy options these days.

If you're on a weight loss quest right now, hang in there!  You can do it!  If you've achieved a goal, congrats.  But the most important thing I've learned in this up and down process is to love yourself on the journey.