I Lost Weight and Lost Warmth?
Over the past three years, I got serious about improving my health. I ost about 75 pounds, and have kept them off over the last two years. I have, however, noticed one change.
Mike and Nicole's OPP: Will This Upset My Wife?
Dear Mike and Nicole,
When my wife and I first met, we were both really into fitness. We spent a lot of time at the gym and being active in general.
My wife has gained a considerable amount of weight since we married 6 years ago. I want to get her a health club membership for Christmas to help motivat…
There's No Way You'll Keep These Resolutions
The most popular New Year's Resolutions are also the most commonly broken ones.  In other words, there's no point in making "save more money" our goal for the new year.
Okay then!  What other promises won't we keep?

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