It's never too early to start dreaming about becoming the next Mayor of Boise, an Idaho state representative in the U.S. Congress, or maybe even Madame President of the United States! If you have an young ambitious leader on your hands that's full of spark and girl power, introduce them into the world of politics through a live interactive online class called Virtual Camp Congress for Girls.

Camp Congress for Girls is orchestrated by an organization called Girls in Politics, a private company that offers civic education classes for girls ages 6 to 17 and hosts more than 100 classes annually.

The virtual class description reads: "the class begins with a lesson on the structure of the United States political system. Each student will choose to run for a seat in the US House of Representatives, the US Senate or for the presidency. She will create her own campaign with a platform, campaign finance donor list and a campaign poster. All campers will register to vote and then cast a virtual ballot in for our virtual President and Vice President. Our virtual Congress will be sworn-in as will the President and Vice President. The newly installed members of Congress will learn how to introduce a draft a bill, debate the merits of the bill, collaborate with the Executive branch and finally vote on the proposed bill. Class will culminate with a virtual signing of the bill by our Ms. President."

The class will by leader by women that currently or have previously worked in government or electoral politics while support staffers are current or former licensed teachers.

This class is open to girls ages 11 to 16 and is a one-day online event hosted on April 25th from 2pm - 6pm MT. There is a registration fee of $100. Girl Scouts can even earn a democracy badge after completing the class. All future leaders who participate will also receive a Certificate of Completion, a tee shirt, and a gift bag.

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