Townsquare Media’s Mix 106 / KCIX, in partnership with Faces of Hope, announce the launch of Rise Up Against Child Abuse from April 26 - April 30, 2021.

Mix 106 hosts and Treasure Valley legend KekeLuv will broadcast live from Albertson’s Stadium from April 26 – April 30, where Keke will sit in every one of the 35,700 seats to raise awareness for child abuse because It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be A Child. KekeLuv will be on site every day from 8a – 5p until the job is done!

“I’ve been standing up against child abuse and domestic violence for almost 14 years. The threat against our kids never goes away, and in many cases, the pandemic just made an already devastating situation worse. Albertson’s Stadium is the home of some of the most historic moments in memory. Rising up for children one seat at a time is like standing up for the kids who can’t stand up for themselves. This is a chance to spread the message, “It shouldn’t hurt to be a child” on the largest stage in Idaho, Albertson’s Stadium,” said KekeLuv.

Rise Up Against Child Abuse will broadcast live each weekday morning from Albertson’s Stadium as well as feature hourly check-ins throughout the day. In addition to raising awareness of child abuse, we will be aiming to sell out Albertson’s Stadium by selling every seat for at least $1, potentially raising over $35,000 to benefit Faces of Hope. Every seat counts, “purchase” one seat for $1 or donate more by purchasing a group of seats, or even sections, by visiting

“Child abuse is a problem that doesn’t get talked about enough because it makes us uncomfortable. Mix 106 is proud to support KeKe’s willingness to be uncomfortable himself in order to bring awareness to one of Boise’s most serious issues while simultaneously benefiting Faces of Hope, one of our community’s best resources,” added Chris Pickett, Program Director.

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