I was surprised to see Idaho wasn't in the top 10, but when I saw we were nearly in the bottom 10, I was shocked. Here's how it was determined...

Yeah, you read that right... Idaho is ranked as the 40th most popular state in the United States, voted on by Americans. 40 out of 51 (Washington, D.C. is included). This is based on a survey released by YouGov. Maybe we're not the MOST popular but we're certainly not the least popular. The winner of MOST popular is Hawaii. Sure, I get it... It's beautiful, tropical, the ultimate vacation destination, I can't really get mad at that. Colorado, Florida, New York and our neighbors to the south in Nevada made it in the top 10 as well.

Washington, D.C. was 51st out of 51 (maybe they wish they hadn't been included). That's interesting too because Virginia is in the top 10 and it's a big part of Washington D.C.'s metro area. Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Kentucky, a big part of the south, all share their space in the bottom ten with New Jersey.

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Idaho ranked 40th. This isn't based on economy, weather, nature, jobs, singles, or any of that criteria. This is simply a popularity contest where American voters (not official election voters) were asked to pick the better of two states over and over again until it was narrowed down, leaving Idaho at 40th. Much like the population contest, Idaho isn't winning the popularity contest, but without as many people as some of these other states, maybe that's okay!

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