A random act of kindness surprised a Garden City waitress when a group of kind strangers tip her $800! It's heartwarming, and we have video!

Grace Slick works three jobs; one of which is that of a server at Barrelhouse in Garden City. A group of strangers who say they like to perform these random acts of kindness on occasion, chipped in $50 each to give her an $800 tip. She cried and said this was quite the blessing and she's had a rough go of it lately. See the video and enjoy this random act of kindness that happened right here in the Treasure Valley, which has now gone viral on TikTok.

Now, this apparently happened back in April but has just made enough rounds on TikTok to go viral. In fact, it's made it into headlines as far East as Washington, D.C.! The bottom line is: people love a feel good story, and people love random acts of kindness. Whether the motivation is to truly be kind or to go TikTok viral, good is still being done in the world and it's still being shared and seen as well! With as much darkness and chaos the news has brought our way over the last year and a half, it's nice to have a good old fashioned good news story to share, and it's even better to find out that this viral story, happened right here in the Treasure Valley. Good on ya, you good samaritans, keep up the good work! People are noticing!

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