Single ladies, this may just be the best free advice we've ever received on our show!

Keith Bell

This is the email we got for Free Advice Friday:

I need Free Advice from men who are currently single and on the dating scene. Why do you ask for a woman’s phone number, suggest we get togther, I eagerly say “I’d love to” and then you just text me? I understand there are woman out there that ask out men, but the majority of woman want a man to ask her out. You have the guts to ask for my number, why no follow through? This guy has just been texting me for a month. It’s so annoying. I think that he is not interested in me,  but I find all men I meet online do this. Why are guys not asking woman out but on dating sites?

Free Advice we got:
-"She needs to be more aggressive"
-"She is on the back burner. He has someone else but in case that doesn't work out then he has her."
-She needs to call be honest. "I'm on this site to meet someone. I'm looking to date. So if you don't want to date me, I'm going to move on."

Then a guy called in and said, all single women dating today need to get the book, Flirtexting. It apparently helps us navigate the confusing and sometimes frustrating world of text dating. Hopefully this turns out to be the best Free Advice ever given to a single woman. Happy Reading!