I'm not sure about your family but the Coronavirus stages have definitely impacted ours. We're all healthy and that's the most important piece of this (want everyone to know we're thankful).

My son has been struggling because we've been very protective. We've done our best to keep both our kids out of the coronavirus's deadly path. This weekend I decided to steal him away for some dad time and wanted to share a cheap date you might discover yourself.

I'll give my wife the credit because it was her idea and I'm not taking her firstborn out without momma's permission. I took Lennox over to Play It Again Sports off Fairview Avenue to look for some affordable gold clubs. This isn't a time we're trying to really spend anything but I was willing to drop a little coin. Luckily, my son sees a $20 set of three clubs in a Mickey Mouse bag. I was looking at something he could grow into and my buddy saw Mickey!

We live a few blocks from Boise Ranch Golf Course off Lake Hazel and Five Mile. I had no idea what I needed to just hit a few golf balls. The only golfing action I've seen is during a company event. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they have a driving range and you don't need to be a member.

It cost me $6 dollars for 60 balls, $20 dollars for some used clubs, and $3 for a happy meal. He loved it and I realized how much he's growing up. We went during a busy time at the course and stillLennox still had plenty of space to have fun and drive some balls.

If you're looking for something different this worked out great for us. This was Lennox's first time every swinging a golf club and he had a blast! Like most of these courses, you can golf, grab lunch, or enjoy some drinks. Pretty cool spot and wanted to share.

Lennox Golf


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