It's odd walking into a business and wondering if you need a mask. You look around and slowly see that the COVID-19 world that changed our world could finally be in the rearview mirror (knock on wood).

More importantly, we can predict what is to come by all the new events on the calendar. The list continues to grow and the announcements are coming earlier. The Discovery Center of Idaho is currently hosting the very popular Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. This runs till mid-August as they announce what's next. The kids are going to love the creatures.

The Discovery Center welcomes Exquisite Creatures by Christopher Marley opening on September 20, 2021 (more end of Summer). This is a world-class exhibition that gives Idahoans the artistic experience that takes you up close and personal with the natural world.

Visitors should experience an ancient connection between art, nature, and science during this awe-inspiring exhibit. - Discovery Center of Idaho Press Release.

I think it's just fascinating for parents and kids to witness these Exquisite Creatures that are on display in 3-dimensional form.

Whether or not we consider ourselves nature enthusiasts, the love of life affects us all - we are instinctively included to care for it to understand it, and to be good stewards of it. I am thrilled to share Exquisite Creatures with people in the Boise community because I believe visual enjoyment of the natural world is one of the most effective tools for motivating learning and understanding.

That is from Christopher Marley about his breathtaking exhibit coming in September. I think this is another one of those unique experiences to energize children and their creative minds. My son just loves these little animals and everything nature has to offer. It's a wonderful learning experience and these kids could use some fun after that long pandemic.

The link for prices, times, and details below. Please click through for a great photo gallery and a more thorough synopsis of this event. This is a must for field trips. You can also find out more about the Titanic event happening right now.


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