The announcement of our big Rise Up Against Child Abuse event at Albertson's Stadium happened early Friday morning. We had everyone ready, details were finished and all that was left were a few minor items.

I plan on sitting in every seat at Albertson's Stadium to call attention to child abuse. You will be able to purchase a ticket for $1 and the goal is to sell out the stadium. Hard, but that's the plan. Then Taryn Summers went missing and was found dead. Taryn was only 8-years-old.

The suspect is in jail and we stand by to await more details, but this is a tragedy. This is why we rise up. This is the reason I've done something for child abuse prevention for the last 14 years. This is also the reason it will continue because kids keep losing their lives to abuse.

I went on a video rant Thursday evening wondering what else we need to do.

It's just my first reaction and I wasn't alone based upon the online reactions. This year we plan to stand for all those kids who can't stand for themselves. I will sit in each set thinking of these kids each time I sit. There is a catch because I have to be done in 5 days which some say it's impossible. Really?

It's obvious these people don't know me because I only do things people bet against. I'm going to tell you I have faith and thousands of child abuse victims and survivors that is more than enough to keep me motivated. There is no doubt it's going to test my physical and mental strength. No question. But, I can do it.

There are over 36,000 seats and I have to sit for at least one second and stand right back up. I'm on a time limit too which makes it more fun. I've also been responding to messages since I got off the air tonight and that's been 7 hours straight. Idahoans are angry, disappointed, frustrated, and are sick of sitting back watching.

Do you think I can't? Someone just bet me $37,000 dollars that I can't. That's just one of the Instagram messages I received from a local business owner that wants to join the cause. People are invested in the kids and I'm looking at over 13,000 Idahoans talking about it, almost 300 shares, and the views on our Facebook have gone through the roof. There is a history of this event that spans 14 years. I've watched these kids grow up. I could tell you stories but you wouldn't believe them. That's how bad they were.

Courtesy: Vierra
Courtesy: Vierra

I don't do many fundraisers, but this was one show I know could sell out. The kids are the headlining act and you can help them for $1 a seat. I've posted the links below. Purchase as many seats as you can and there is one other thing at the bottom. We posted a comment section in case you want to mention why it's so important to you. That little box is more important than you might imagine. You can remain anonymous or let us share your story. The goal is to reach people and let them know, you are not alone. It's not your fault. We are here for you.

I'll be training like crazy leading up to the event. I just had my second vaccine and GOD gave me a break. I'm not sick and will be training in the early morning hours. Thanks for caring. These kids deserve it.

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