I grew up wanting to be a professional baseball player as a kid. I was an only child prior to my dad getting married again and playing catch with myself was my excitement. Baseball was everything.

I missed my window to travel the country, hit home runs, and basically just be a hall of Famer. That doesn't have to be your story thanks to the Boise Hawks. Boise's favorite minor league team is holding open tryouts for anyone that thinks they can make the team.

This isn't an April Fool's prank even though the press release went out on April 1. No, I checked. This is legitimate. The Hawks made the following announcement.

The Boise Hawks have announced the date of their 2021 Open Tryout Camp at Memorial Stadium. Local baseball talent will have the opportunity to attend the two-day tryout camp at Memorial Stadium on April 30 and May 1. Players with no more than three years of professional experience are welcome to try out.

Here is what kind of drills you'll be asked to compete in.

  • Batting practice
  • Throwing and defensive drills
  • Measuring 60' times
  • Throwing drills for pitchers
  • Bullpen sessions for pitchers
  • Throwing live batting practice for pitchers
  • Position players will be taking live batting practice

There are some COVID-19 rules regarding vaccinations and tests that will be listed below. The Boise Hawks are only giving this a two-day opportunity. If there is some type of cancellation due to weather there will be no reschedule. That means it's a chance that might only come around once.

Play Ball!

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