The day three recap should really go out immediately after we wrap up the day. I'm sitting in seats at Albertson's Stadium with approximately 14,000 seats to go. I will sit in each seat and stand for those kids that can't stand for themselves, April is child abuse prevention month.

It becomes hard as my post-experience after 5 PM is a situation. We're talking a 1-hour sitdown before anything is close to done for the day. Today was a little different though. We received our first totals and that put somewhat of some electricity in my step. We crushed the goal.

Today we announced that as of 8:30 Wednesday morning, Idahoans donated $42,225 dollars to Faces of Hope. The goal was to sellout out the stadium of 37,000 seats with just one dollar. We beat that buy $5,225 dollars and we still have two more days to sit in these seats for the kids.

It's unbelievable until you really think about why. This is our community and in order to protect our children we must rise up for them. We see something and it's time to say something. You can still drop a $1 dollar donation or whatever you would like to contribute. This is bigger than a donation or radio personality. This is truly about our community.

We have emails flying through inboxes and messages being sent to come help Kekeluv finish up these seats. I love it! There is nothing more impactful than doing it as a team. However, I'm going to finish this seat by seat with my own booty. I plan to invite all the staff including our amazing Moug and Angie Morning show, phenomenal midday host Mallory and our boss Chris (who gave me the idea to sit in these seats). We can all go over that finish line together because it's about our neighbors.

Congratulations to everyone who put their heart in a donation of $1 dollars to $1,000 dollars. I'm pretty sure we've got donations all over the board because this cause is that important. There are several people like my new friend Kat on Instagram. We're doing this for each other and I plan to knock out every last seat with your prayers and posts!

See you Thursday. You can donate a dollar by clicking here or donate a few dollars on behalf of your family. Let's do it.

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