How many recalls have we had in 2020? Well, let's keep the good times rolling with another one. This time it's another dog food recall and this is definitely one of the largest I've seen.

The U.S. Food and Drug administration looks to be expanding a recent recall to 18 different brands for dogs. This looks to be dangerous and who knew 18 brands even existed.

This recall is coming from Sunshine Mills that was originally 3 brands. The fact they have increased that by 15 is no joke. No reported cases of sickness found in dogs have been found which is a relief.

You start to go back to your dog's behavior and that's when your mind goes to crazy places. I guess this is a situation where they've traced a single load of corn containing high levels of aflatoxin that used as ingredients in products made from April 3 to April 5 this year. This includes 21 additional products that extend the brand total to 18. Some of these products include things for cats.

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The FDA has mentioned that if you own any of the products to stop feeding them to your pets, throw them out and immediately consult a veterinarian. I would also continue to check back as they say more items could be added.

Symptoms: Sluggishness, diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting, and yellowing of the eyes or gums. They also mention liver problems that might not be visible so if you currently have these items, throw them out.

This is a very long list and I would suggest following the link.


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