A nasty accident this morning in Kuna has left two people dead and another in the hospital. 

According to an article on KTVB, the accident happened at 8:18 this morning along Kuna Mora Road at the railroad tracks, just south of I-84.

A woman was headed westbound when she lost control going around a curve. She ended up hitting a light pole, rolling and landing in a ditch. She survived and is the hospital with unknown injuries, but both of her passengers were killed.

None of their identities have been released yet and the crash has completely blocked Kuna Mora Road. No other vehicles were involved and it is not known whether or not this morning's wet roads played a factor.

My heart breaks for everyone that loved these people. I think of these people preparing for Christmas and who knows what they were planning for their futures and it's all gone in an instant.

Please be extra careful on the roads and say an extra prayer for everyone involved in this horrible accident. Life is so precious.

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