This never looks good especially when it feels like so many people are buying bottled water in 2020. Consumer Reports wants you to be careful about drinking one of Whole Food's Starkey Bottled Water.

Consumer Reports is a nonprofit organization that tells you about unbiased product testing, consumer-oriented research, public education, and more. The popular researcher is letting consumers know that Whole Food's bottled water contains, "potentially harmful levels of arsenic."

What's that mean and how does it impact you? Consumer Reports wants you to have lower than 3 parts per billion, Whole Foods has between 9.49 to 9.56 parts per billion. The water is called, Starkey Spring Water, and one bottle isn't going to hurt you. Just think about how much you drink these days.

Whole Foods did make a statement.

Beyond the required annual testing by an FDA certified lab, we have an accredited third-party lab test every production run of water before it is sold.

Whole Foods went on to say that Starkey water meets all FDA requirements. I guess this isn't the first time Starkey has been under fire for details regarding their water.

It doesn't look like Whole Foods is worried but you can find out more information below.


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