He was driving with a blood alcohol level over twice the legal limit. He hit and killed a young mother, but the judge has sentenced him to probation. 

This case is a little more complicated than it may seem, but personally, I still don't understand the ruling.

Adam Paulson had a blood alcohol content level of .21. He had been in trouble with the law before for drinking and driving, and on the night of November 18, 2017, after leaving a bar, he hit and killed 24-year-old Mother of two, Madeline Duskey with his pick-up truck.

Duskey was dressed in black and had also been drinking. It may have been very hard for Paulson to see her and her drinking may have caused her to dart in front of his car, but none-the-less, he was the one behind the wheel, and he's the one who killed her.

So why probation? I wasn't in that courtroom, and I don't know every detail of the case, but I personally have a hard time with this one.  How is someone found guilty of vehicular manslaughter and then sentenced to probation? Paulson has been given a 15 year suspended sentence, but I hardly know what that means.

According to KTVB, the state of Idaho was fighting for 15-years with at least 5-years served before he would be eligible for parole. Judge Deborah Bail handed down probation with a suspended 15-year prison sentence.

Can someone please help me make sense of this? In my mind, the punishment just doesn't fit the crime.

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