Drunk driving is a charge that is unbelievably common in Idaho. 

You’d think with Uber and Lyft being so accessible these days that Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrests would have gone down over the years. However, according to the Boise Police Department, that’s just not the case. 


Drinking and driving is as prevalent as ever, yet it’s an extremely complicated charge that’s not discussed enough. 

Even upon attempting to Google information on Idaho’s strict DUI laws, most of the websites that popped up were information on lawyers for hire, versus information on the actual laws. 
So we decided to delve a little deeper. We spoke to two locals who have received DUI’s within the last two years, to discuss what exactly the true cost of a DUI is: both monetarily and emotionally.

Two Locals Discuss the TRUE Cost of Receiving a DUI in Idaho

DUI's are so common in Idaho, yet they are rarely talked about. Read what two locals have to say about their personal experiences of recently receiving this complicated charge.

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