Nobody wants a DUI, but this is a PSA in case you think just because you're not driving a car, you're in the clear.

I once had a friend who got a DUI riding a bicycle! Which on the surface, sounds absurd, but he was swerving across the road causing danger to drivers while drunk which earned him a legit DUI and he lost his driver's license for some time.

Now, in Florida. This guy must have had a few beers while mowing his law with his riding mower and just kept going when he finished. I'm picturing a lawn mowing Forrest Fump tearing down the street. He ended up on the FREEWAY where he was going way below the speed limit. The cops pulled him over, realized he was drunk and you guessed it, he got a DUI. Not sure if they towed his mower home or if they had someone pick it up? Drive it... Not drunk?

I know a few people here in with riding mowers here in the Treasure Valley and lots with bikes so fair warning, you can get a DUI even without ever getting into a car.

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