Adam Paulson is the man from Eagle that killed Madeline Duskey in 2017 in a drunken driving crash. His original sentence brought along only probation after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter, but he could now be facing prison time again.

Our friends at KTVB first broke the details about Judge Deborah Bail finding that Paulson did violate his probation by intentionally blocking an alcohol monitoring device less than one month after being released from custody.

The company that monitors the devices had an expert speak at the court appearance saying that the device was tampered with on February 13th.

Paulson, took the stand and absolutely denied any wrong doing or tampering with the device. He argued that due to weight loss the device slid down his leg letting a dress sock get in between the device and his skin. He also argued that a new bottle of cologne might have registered as alcohol on the monitor, as he had not been warned that could cause a false positive.

Paulson's girlfriends was also in the court room testifying that he did not consume any alcohol or mess with the device.

In the end Judge Bail decided the probation violation was committed and he will remain in the Ada County Jail without bond until sentencing on June 10th. At that time he could face an even longer probation sentence, he could face more jail time, or he could face the full 15 years in prison from the original sentence.

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