Boise has the 12th worst drivers in the nation. The factor weighing us down the most? We're 8th worst for DUI's. Here are the other big issues plaguing Boise roads.

Quote Wizard shared a list of the top 35 cities with the WORST drivers in the country, Boise ranked number 12 on the list, which was a bit surprising, till I found out which factor was killing our average the most. The overall ranking was based on the averages of four categories; accidents, DUI's, speeding and citations. Where we're doing the best? Accidents. While it may seem like we have a horrific morning and afternoon commute filled with accidents on the freeway and on Eagle Road, we rank 31st out of 35 for accidents. For speeders, we rank 23rd out of 35 and we're 17th out of 35 for citations.

Our biggest issue, as previously stated, is our DUI ranking which is 8th out of 35. This is pretty scary in the age of Uber and Lyft and everything, right? The worst in the country for DUI's (and overall worst drivers) is Omaha, Nebraska. Not sure what's going on there... I was surprised to see that our DUI ranking is SO much worse than Las Vegas, who came in at number 24 for DUI's. I once heard some crazy statistic about how many drunk drivers are on the roads in Las Vegas at any given time and while I don't remember the exact number, it was terrifying. Anyway, back to Boise... I guess the best place to start when it comes to improving our "worst drivers" ranking is to get the drunk drivers off the road!

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