Idaho’s Unofficial Chocolate Flavor According to ‘Real-Life Willy Wonka’
A chocolatier who was named by Forbes in 2014 as the "Real Life Willy Wonka," has created quite the patriotic box of chocolates. Each State is represented in the "Taste of America" chocolate collection with it's own unique flavor.   For example, the piece of chocolate modeled after California is flavored with Napa Valley red wine. The Texa...
Yummy Easter Treats In Boise
Looking to get your hands on the yummiest of Easter Treats in the Treasure Valley this weekend? We've got you! *Warning: You Will Salivate*
Boise’s Most Valuable Halloween Candy
Head to Harrison Boulevard, grab some king size Halloween treats and trade them with your friends. Here are the ones that will yield the highest trade value. Spoiler: Pop Rocks > Snickers.

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