Stores Staying Closed On Thanksgiving
I'm a huge fan of Thanksgiving.  I think it's an under-appreciated holiday.  I'm also cheap and like great deals.  Even then, I think Black Friday should wait until...Friday.  These stores agree.
Making Us Spend More
Did you know our favorite store might be putting the higher priced items at eye level so we'll lock a gaze with it and buy it?  The cheaper stuff is usually a step or two above or below. What else do stores do to get us to buy, that we might not notice?
Closed on Thanksgiving
No shopping on Thanksgiving Day at the stores on this list.
They'll be closed Thanksgiving Day, and will open their doors later in the shopping weekend.
Labor Day: What’s Open and What’s Closed
Happy Labor Day!  It's an awesome day to wind down a totally relaxing 3-day weekend away from work. Unless your job involves hospitals, gas stations, retail stores, babysitting, and dozens of other jobs.  Then you're like, "what day off?"
It’s Summer, and Some Of Us are Freezing
It always happens this time of year.  The weather outside gets hotter, and the temperature inside stores and office buildings gets freezing cold.  But did you hear one big box store is going to raise the thermostat one degree?  Woohoo!  Said women.

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