Now that the warmer temps have graced the Treasure Valley with some mid 60's and low 70's the first thought that goes through my mind, and I'm pretty darn sure you have thought it as well...when does floating season start and will you even be able to get on the river this year? Truth be told it's not looking too promising, and this is why. 

High Water Boise River
Credit: YouTube Higher Vision Media LLC

Mike has kept you all in the know with what is going on with the massively high water levels on the Boise River these last few weeks. Read his past article HERE, HERE, and HERE..We've seen pictures, videos, and text of local flooding and the water continuing to rise it seems like each day. While the videos have been pretty significant in telling the story, this one for me takes the cake.

I love Drone footage. There is just something that gives you a real feel of what is going on down on the ground when you look at it from above.  Higher Vision Media LLC has captured the story from a bird's eye view and given an even more important look at the..once "calm" Boise River. If you have to see this...

Breathtaking..isn't it. Friend of the Mix Morning Show,  Bill sent us the footage he shot, and man alive it's amazing. And it really does give a different angle to the crisis that changes every day.

So will the high water, and flooding levels impact the start of the floating season? Normally early June-ish is when we can expect to see floaters and river rats plunge into the cool waters.Our news partners KTVB has the latest in their article HERE..

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