It was a beautiful, warm, Memorial Day Weekend in Boise, but one go-to location for cooling off remains closed. Due to dangerous conditions, the Boise River is not yet ready for floating season. 

For our own safety, the Boise Fire Department is reminding us that we need to stay out of the river, as it's flowing both high and fast. Currently, the actual flow is around 6,300 cubic-feet-per-second; nearly six times higher than levels considered safe for floating and recreation.

The situation this year doesn't parallel last year with widespread flooding (though there are some locations that have experienced some limited flooding), but officials say that with water being released later in the year this year, we're experiencing the exceptional conditions right now.

If you do choose to defy warnings officials warn that the water is numbingly cold, which is why it's so dangerous, and you will be charged for costs to rescue you.

You can find more from our news partner, KTVB NewsChannel 7.


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