Playing in and around the Boise river can be dangerous at any time, but as more and more water is released it gets more dangerous as more water is being released from Lucky Peak due to increased mountain run off and snow melt

YouTube, Lucky Peak Comparison 2016 vs 2017

The Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will continue to increase flows from Lucky Peak Dam beginning today due to above-normal winter precipitation in the Boise River drainage.

Flows through the City of Boise will increase today from the current flow of 3,750 cubic-feet-per-second to approximately 4,750 cfs.

Additional increases will continue on Thursday and Friday resulting in a flow of 6,000 cfs on by this weekend. These releases will help reduce the risk of flooding later in the spring, which can occur with rapidly melting snow and seasonal precipitation.

More flow increases are possible in the coming weeks, depending on weather conditions.

The public should be aware of the danger associated with these increased flows. The water is deep, cold, and fast, so extreme caution should be used near the river banks, and where lowland flooding can occur.

In case you're curious if 6000cfs will cause the Boise river to flood, according to the City Works department, the Boise River doesn't hit low level flood stage till the river flow hits about 7000 we are still a little ways away from having to deal with flooding in the Boise area.

For real-time Boise River flows at Reclamation facilities in the Pacific Northwest Region visit:





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