It's the thing we all have in common, tasty food. Anthony Bourdain was CNN's host for Parts Unknown before passing away. Bourdain took us around the world as we got to almost taste different cultures in some never before heard of places.

Food is just that thing that brings us together and it's the centerpiece of so many families. The Boise scene is growing and it might just be the time for you to Indulge yourself.

It's been my focus to uncover some things that maybe you've never heard of. Maybe this just reminds you that while we have struggled at every end of the spectrum right now, we live in a great place. Welcome to Indulge Boise Food Tours.

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I've never been on a food tour but it just sounds delicious. I can picture myself have a drink, enjoying the atmosphere, and uncovering a new piece of Boise I didn't know existed.

The food tours go throughout the Treasure Valley hot spots like Boise, Eagle, Meridian, McCall out to Sun Valley. Check out some of these culinary experiences.

  • Historic Downtown Boise Food & Cultural Tour
    • 3 Hours with alcohol $82
  • Savor and Sip BoDo Dinner Tour
    • 3 Hours with alcohol $87
  • Les Bois Vegan Dine & Sip Experience
    • 3 Hours with alcohol $87
  • Capital City Sunday Brunch Tour
    • 2.5 Hours with alcohol $72
  • Boise Brews & Beer Tour
    • 2 Hours with Beer pairing $72
  • Boise Booze + Bites Cocktail Tour
    • 2 Hours with bartender's choice $69

Those are just a few and you can even choose private tours if it's something you want to do more exclusive. Enjoy tasting more of Treasure Valley and tag me on Instagram/Facebook.


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