We need to get out already. I'm all for being safe, wearing masks as we do around the radio station, and being responsible. No snow? No concerts? My house is becoming boring very quickly! I'm also being hyper responsible for my family, but let's find some safe things to do.

Have you tried Boise Scavenger Hunt Adventure? The pandemic is like Frozen 2 with the fog covering so we can see how beautiful our city is. We miss out on the things and this scavenger hunt might be a prescription for fun.

This is exactly what it might sound like to you regarding scavenger hunts, but this is discovering the best of Boise. There are COVID-19 restrictions to keep things safe and I'll post them below.

I like how it's not like sitting on a bus with some guy in a microphone trying to explain the best parts of your surroundings. You tend to spend more time looking and fewer minutes actually listening. This game is like a tour that you're involved in. Just think of the game Monopoly and you get to run around Downtown Boise like it's the gameboard. You just don't get the opportunity of buying property and fighting as you own Park Place and Boardwalk.

Here are some of the cool things you get to do.

  • Enjoy a scavenger hunt with fun clues that help you learn about Boise.
  • Use your cell phone that allows you to view different obstacles for excitement.
  • Invite five of your most fun friends to play with.

There is a great list of what's included in your experience, who your team might play with, departure details including a list of stops.

I'll post the link below that will give you more details on prices and COVID-19 protocols.


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