This isn't the sexiest article to write but could be one of the smartest for the weekend. I've noticed things over the last 2 years owning a new home that I never knew.

I could start with my ice maker stopped working, the washing machine started flooding the laundry room and the dishwasher soap dispenser just stopped working. Did I mention to never use the self-clean option on your oven? $300 later I'll explain another time.

This one is called your, "preventative check-up" for the dryer. I told you this would be the most appealing, but it could save you a ton of money. I believe in a nutshell technology sucks. I also love it and I guess cool tech items is like that very unhealthy relationship maybe. I degrees. The Dryer. Do you ever check your lint filter? You know the one that gets neglected and you open it one day realizing you didn't even know what that did?

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Did you know that pulling out the lint doesn't do the trick? Mind you I'm no electrician and have no idea. I will tell you the professional came out to my house and taught me something said will save me from replacing my dryer. He mentioned that all this technology burns out these appliances a lot faster. That is why I'll never purchase one of these expensive Samsung digital display refrigerators. They look cool but replacing them is like paying for another appliance.

Photo by: Kekeluv

Do this once a month regarding your lint filter. Remove the filter and pull off all the old lint that's been built up. Throw that away and don't just put the filter back in the dryer. Take your filter and run it under some water for a few minutes. You might notice the water runs right off the side because all the lint has clogged up the holes in that filter. This buildup could burn out your dryer quickly. Rinse this filter until the water runs right through it and then put it back in the dryer.

Photo by: kekeluv

I was shocked, but it makes sense. Just for fun run to your dryer filter under some water and see if that filter is clean or clogged. Good luck!

Oh, don't use your self clean on your oven. Trust me, google it.

If you're looking for someone local please reach out to Cody's Appliance Repair. I'm not getting paid or received a discount. I just love great local service and they were the best.

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