I am SO fascinated with Abandoned America and I was stoked to see they featured a Southern Idaho farm house that has been abandoned for years. Come take a creepy journey in Owyhee County!

Abandoned America is pretty cool! They go around the country filming photographing old abandoned homes, businesses, malls, amusement parks, the works. This time, their travels have brought them to Idaho in the form of an old abandoned farm house in Owyhee County, and as you'd expect, it's pretty creepy!

It's just fun to see what it looks like when nature begins to take back the space we (people in general) took. Have you ever seen the show Life After People? It examines what would happen if humans suddenly disappeared from the earth; how animals would handle it, how long power would run before it stopped, and how long it would be before mother nature took back the planet and no sign of human life could ever be found, so it looks at a day after people, a year, a hundred years, thousands a millions of years. It's a total nerd fest but I enjoy it and find it pretty fascinating.


Back to Abandoned America... One of my favorites is when they showed the abandoned Six Flags theme park in New Orleans that was abandoned back in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the surrounding area and they realized that everything had been destroyed and had become unsafe for people to inhabit.

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